Do People Actually Use and Benefit From Digital Software For Internet Business?

It’s a good question, considering how many online business opportunities feature digital software as the main product. EDC, Passport to Wealth, MyInternetBusiness, Abunza, Carbon Copy Pro, you name it.Internet business opportunities such as these feature thousands of dollars worth of digital software, that can be used, resold, given as bonuses, etc.But are these digital software products, which you can download and fill up your harddrive with, actually useful?I’d like to use as a case study one of my most promising team members: Steven Chappell, an ambitious entrepreneur over in the UK.Steven has been diligently going through the My Internet Business product library and reading, learning, and absorbing a new digital product every day. The results have been astounding! In less than a few weeks, he got onto the first page of Google using the internet marketing techniques that he learned and implemented from the digital software, AND made his first sale!Just take a look at Steven Chappell’s blog in the resource box below, and you will see that he is quickly becoming an expert in the internet marketing field from his research and implementation of the techniques he is learning from the digital software product line that is part of MyInternetBusiness.Now THAT is impressive!I, too, have learned quite a bit from putting to use the digital products that I have access to with my internet business opportunities. The Passport to Wealth product line, for example, comes with a retail value of over $75,000 in digital software, and that was how I learned Squidoo marketing, viral video marketing, the press release, article marketing, and blogging for profit. I have since been able to use these internet marketing techniques to earn a substantial amount of money…certainly many times the slim $997 investment it cost me!So in closing, I say that YES, digital software is an incredibly valuable product, to those with the dedication and initiative to research, learn and implement the knowledge contained in these product libraries.Rob Hunter