Can Autoresponders Help Grow YOUR Business?

Most people have heard the term ‘autoresponder’ , and some even use one. But are you using it effectively?An autoresponder is simply a way of allowing you to write lots of e-mails and sending them out to people on your e-mail list, and can be used by practically any kind of business. For instance, if you’re a charity and want to send a newsletter out by email every week, an autoresponder will make the process effortless. Same goes for selling ‘’  or whatever your primary business product might me.In addition, it can work even when you’re not there. You can write as many messages as you like in advance, and set the autoresponder to send them out at pre-determined (and fully flexible and changeable) intervals.Powerful stuff eh? And a tool that is an absolute must for internet marketers.Ever heard the term ‘the money is in the list’? – well it’s true. Without a list of people to introduce your product to, you might as well pack up and go home. So you need to create your list, and most savvy networkers will do this by first of all creating a landing page, or opt-in page.  This page will typically explain a little about the product and offer a free gift of some kind; perhaps a video or e-book, free newsletter or sample etc.This landing page has one purpose – to capture the email address of the prospect so that they can be sent a series of emails by you through your  autoresponder.Sound corny? – No.  Autoresponders are a perfectly legitimate way of keeping in touch and in fact a good autoresponder will always allow the prospect to opt-out.So, how can they be utilised to their full potential?Well, you need to understand that no matter how fantastic, revolutionary or one-of-a-kind your product is, not everyone will want to buy it. In fact, only a fairly small percentage of people will do so. Therefore you need to keep adding value to your prospects by continuing to send them useful content, news, reviews etc. At the same time, you need to use your autoresponder as a marketing tool to introduce your list to new products by way of affiliate marketing.If you have any affiliate products related to the theme of your autoresponder emails  (and if you haven’t, then seriously consider signing up for some),  you could earn extra income by promoting them to the email list who are already used to hearing from you on a regular basis, and who have already had value from you. Don’t forget that if you aren’t giving value, people will simply unsubscribe.When to do it?  We suggest that you promote your own product for, say, the first 90 days along the lines of an e-mail each day for the first 4/5 days, followed by an email every 3/4 days thereafter. If, after this time your prospect is not interested in your product, continue with giving good content and value (they might change their mind once they learn to trust you), but make every third/fourth email in your autoresponder series after that a promotion of one of your affiliate products. So, if your product is health related (your juice drink), you might say that you’ve just come across a fantastic machine that used for 2 minutes a day will give you rock-hard abs in a week. Post the link and if it results in a sale, you’ll earn yourself a commission.Simple.  But you’d be surprised how many people don’t make full use of the potential that autoresponders offer. Don’t be one of those who leave people money lying around on the table.To learn more, visit our blog at MlmMarketingUK.